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About the workshop

Join us for a workshop and learn how to build an interactive 3D app with open data – using Esri technology developed in Zurich. Get to know the women at Esri and hear about their career paths.


Date & Time: 07.09.2022, 17:30

Location: Esri Schweiz AG, Josefstrasse 218 8005 Zurich

Are you curious about how to use ArcGIS technology to analyse and reveal gender inequality? We, women at Esri Switzerland and Esri R&D Center Zurich, are organising a workshop. We will show you possible career paths at Esri and will build a 3D web application together. Coding experiences are not required.


  • ArcGIS: Learn more about our software and real-world applications
  • Hands-On Workshop: Build an interactive 3D app with ArcGIS API for JS
  • Networking: get to know inspiring women at Esri and career possibilities


17:15          Arrival

17:30          Introduction               

                     What is Esri, showcase some use cases

17:50          Lightning Talks (Panel Discussion)

                    Three women at Esri talk about their career paths

18:05          Hands-On

                    Build a 3D web application with ArcGIS API for JavaScript                                        

 19:15        Closing Session

                    Show your work, Outro 

19:30         Apéro & Networking   




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